Cow’s milk is for calves

A recent TV breastfeeding ad says: “Dog’s milk is for pups. Pig’s milk is for piglets. What about cow’s milk? Your baby is not a cow!”

Indeed, cow’s milk is for calves, whose main need is muscular growth. Mother’s milk is for babies, whose main need is brain development.

In fact, commercial cow’s milk is bad for children (and adults too) for several reasons:

  • Dairy cows are fed or injected with growth and other hormones to stimulate milk production way beyond their normal output (1)

  • Because the abnormally high milk production makes them susceptible to udder infections (mastitis), the cows are also fed antibiotics. (2) The antibiotics as well as pus from undetected infections then find their way into the milk.

  • The hormones in milk include estrogen, a female hormone. Lactating and pregnant cows already have high estrogen levels. Hormone can injections increase these levels further. (3)

  • Estrogen in food and environmental pollutants which are chemically-similar to estrogen are now associated with early sexual maturity in girls. Several decades ago, menstruation typically started around the age of 15. Today, the average is 12, and more and more 7-, 8- and 9-year olds are reporting their mense for the first time. Menstruation marks the onset of sexual maturity, when girls start feeling stronger physical and emotional attraction towards the opposite sex as their bodies prepare them for adulthood. (4)

  • In boys, estrogen causes physical changes like higher-pitched voice, enlarged breasts due to more fat, wider hips and smaller sex organs. Men who undergo a sex-change operation are regularly injected with estrogen. (5)

  • Some cancers are also being blamed on high intake levels of estrogen and similar substances. (6)

When our children drink commercial cows’ milk, we are exposing them to these dangers.

There are healthier and safer sources of calcium (such as spinach, okra, tomatoes, and kamote/sweet potatoes) and protein (such as munggo/mung beans, sitaw/string beans, patani/lima beans, sigadilyas/winged beans and other legumes). Even babies eventually outgrow their need for mothers’ milk, which is the only milk nature intended for them.

Given the dangers, we surely do not need cows’ milk in our diet.


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  1. dennishmt
    Posted April 4, 2009 at 10:20 pm | Permalink

    Wow! I figured that cows milk was not as good as the milk producers say but this is even worse. Thank you for this post.

  2. Roberto Verzola
    Posted April 5, 2009 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    I was floored myself, when I first heard the estrogen issue in milk. The logic is plausible enough. The “mystery” of early adolescence among girls has also been reported in some journals. A local doctor I know (a woman) has a very simple way of demonstrating this “mystery”. In any gathering with lots of women of various ages, she asks everyone at what age they had their first mense. Older women generally report a higher age than younger women. This, she says, means that decades back girls reached adolescence at an older age than they do today. The reason, she suggests, is high-estrogen commercial cows’ milk.

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