Electronic voting machines fail miserably in Israel

The December 2 primary election of the Israeli Labor party was scheduled to involve 60,000 party members in an internal party voting to select candidates. They were to vote in 275 polling stations spread throughout Israel.

However, in an embarrassing fiasco that may have direct impact on the Labor Party’s chances in the next elections, the party had to postpone the elections when the touch-screen electronic voting machines (EVM) failed miserably. One Labor party leader already knew what the public would say, “if the party does not know how to run its own primary, how can it manage the country?”

Because of the total failure of the automated election system, the party postponed the elections and will be going back to the old but reliable system of “placing paper voting slips in envelopes and dropping them into cardboard ballot boxes, to be counted by hand”.

EVM machine failures in the December 2 fiasco include:

  • machines did not respond to the voters’ touches
  • voters were told they had already voted, although they had not
  • others were told they were in the wrong sector, and were not allowed to vote in their sector
  • long lines led to long waits, and many simply left
  • complaints came from all over the country.

The complete report is here: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1043029.html

This is very interesting.

There is talk that Philippine elected officials are considering an extension of their terms come 2010, when national elections for all elective positions (except village level ones) are going to be held, The 2010 elections will use electronic voting machines nationwide for the first time. There is no contingency plan if the electronic voting machines fail, because no parallel run of the old manual system is planned.

Hence, if the voting machines fail in 2010, as they just did in Israel, all elected officials get an automatic term extension, until a new election could be arranged. The Israeli Labor party scheduled the manual elections for the next day.

But for Philippine officials who desperately want to stay longer in power, who knows?


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