Save fuel when cooking rice

The prices of various fuels continue to go up, with no end in sight.

Among Filipinos, cooking eats up a lot of the home’s energy consumption. A significant part of this cooking consumption goes to cooking rice, which we eat practically with every meal. I don’t know how rice is cooked in other countries, but here in the Philippines, we simply boil it with water, until all the water is gone and the grains have softened enough.

We have found a very fuel-efficient way of cooking rice, which extends the use of our LPG tank at home 20-30% more days before we need to refill it. I encourage others to try it.

To cook rice with less fuel, as soon as the whole rice-water mix starts to boil over, switch off the heat/fire. Yes, turn it completely off. Wait for five minutes, then turn it on again. Keep the heat very low, just enough to turn the remaining water to steam. In a few more minutes, your rice will be cooked as usual. I don’t know if this method will work with electric rice cookers, though.

If you are using wood for fuel, then when the water boils over, put out the flame and leave only a few glowing coals to boil away the remaining water and soften the grains.

If this method also works for you, please pass it on and leave a comment here.


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  1. Posted February 1, 2009 at 10:53 pm | Permalink

    When the sun shines…Solar cooking of rice as well as a number of other methods is a simple but not believable method to many. While short on degree days and and outside temperatures barely reaching what would be considered warm to Phils, a foil lined cardboard box with wide, foil covered flaps attached was able to slowly steam rice top down style. The pot was dark to attract more heat and propped up off the bottom of the box with a brick. Have also baked a cake, breads, squash stews and soups are easy. allow more time than a gas or wood flame. Many homemade designs on internet.
    Another way was to place the same propped up pot nearly against a solid backdrop or again a ‘U’ shaped, foil lined piece of box as a reflective wind screen. A FRESNEL LENSE (internet located item- see Edmund’s Scientific), was placed in adjustable frame and focused on side of the pot showing a very bright spotlighted area 2-4 cm in size. water boiled almost as fast as full gas flame. Cooking time was about the same. rotate pot and kep lens adjusted as angle of sun swings it’s arc. Parabolic cookers are also capable of the same effect, even outside in Maine, surrounded with several feet of snow and minus -20c can be made at home with some careful though out parts. Several websites sell these as well but it does give one some ideas to tinker with. M

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