Front side of the official ballot for the May 10 elections in the Philippines

Here’s a copy of the front side of the official ballot that will be used for the May 10, 2010 national elections in the Philippines, for everyone’s scrutiny.

By the way, the Comelec is being accused of bias in the ballot design. Disqualified candidate Vetellano Acosta (#1 on the list of presidential candidates) is still listed in the ballot. The Comelec had approved Acosta’s candidacy earlier, then subsequently disqualified him. As a result of Acosta’s inclusion, LP candidate Noynoy Aquino, who would have been first on the list, is now a less conspicuous #2, and NP candidate Manny Villar is now all alone in the fourth column.

You decide for yourself, whether this is bias or not on the part of the Comelec.

It’s a long ballot. Be careful when filling it up. You cannot ask for an extra copy.

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