Last-minute reminders for the active voter

  1. Vote early; vote with your conscience.
  2. Watch over your precinct cluster and its voting machine.
  3. Answer the “good or ghost” question: Was the process clean or not? If not, why not?
  4. Note the cluster number and the PCOS serial number (you can get it from the publicly displayed Election Return or ER).
  5. Note the number of voters who actually voted, and the number of registered voters in the ER.
  6. Post #3-5 on the Web (a website, blog post or comment, Facebook or Multiply); always prefix your report with: “PCOS REPORT”
  7. Report #3-5 to the media or to Halalang Marangal (email to:; to the Never Again 2010 movement (email to: or leave comment at; or to PRRM (Tel. 371-2107) Halalang Marangal (HALAL)

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