Urgent! Stop the destruction of those Compact Flash (CF) cards!

This is a most urgent call to the Comelec. We also urge all candidates, the courts, media, the public to support this call and to act on it immediately.



These cards may contain vital evidence that can prove high-tech fraud in the May 10, 2010 elections, so they should not be destroyed for any reason.

One very important file found in the CF card is called “slog.txt”. This unencrypted text file is an audit log. It logs actions done by the PCOS. Although we are not sure if the log is complete, it can contain logs of vital events that can incriminate high-tech cheats.

There is already one important case where this file revealed possible fraud. This case, ironically, involves as possible victim the wife of Cong. Teddy “Boy” Locsin Jr., main sponsor and proponent of the Automated Election Law in the House of Representatives. You can read Louie Locsin’s case here.

Louie Locsin ran for congressman in the first district of Makati. According to her blog:

Earlier that evening of election day, we were already celebrating the victory of Louie Locsin because initial returns were showing a landslide victory. Strangely, despite polling precincts being closed at 8pm, a good number of precincts only transmitted the results after 2am, some even “waiting” until 7am. By 7am when the last results came in, Louie was defeated by the Binay candidate by 242 votes.

According to the log, the PCOS machine votes were zeroed on May 10 9:55pm (yes, p.m.) and then at least 624 ballots were fed to the machine every 15 to 20 seconds.

This truly makes the CF card vital in detecting and proving high-tech fraud in the 2010 elections.

Please add your voice to our call. Let us not let the Comelec destroy or erase the contents of these vital pieces of evidence.

If it can happen to the wife of the principal sponsor of the Automated Election Law, it can happen to any candidate.


One Comment

  1. Ferdie Ranoa
    Posted June 4, 2010 at 1:12 am | Permalink

    I salute your bravery Mr. Verzola for what you had done to our country 2010 Election.

    Count me as one, for calling the COMELEC to stop destroying the CF cards.

    I watch on TV regarding thier proclamation about the Authenticity of Cagayan De Oro four CF card without logical explanation why it is found on the junkshop.My observation is as follows;

    1. You can only claim the authencity of the said CF card if its content are the same with the manual count of its intended precents.

    2. That the said CF cards have been successfully transmitted by its corresponding PCOS Machine on normal circumtances.Because if their is a failure of transmission or unusual happenning during transmission on the precent level, then thier is fraud committed and eliminate the evidence by throwing it to junkshop.

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