BNPP hypothetical 50-mile (80.5 km) radius evacuation zone: Pampanga

Japanese authorities declared a 20-km evacuation zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant. But the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued on March 16, 2011, a warning to U.S. citizens living in Japan to evacuate to safer areas if they were living within 50 miles (80.5 km) of the radioactive plant.

These series of maps show which parts of Central Luzon, Metro Manila and Souithern Tagalog will be affected if a similar 80.5-km radius evacuation zone had to be declared due to a hypothetical nuclear disaster at the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (14.6291667N, 120.3136111E). The whole of Bataan will have to be evacuated.

In Pampanga, all towns will have to be evacuated, except a few barangays on its northeastern border with Nueva Ecija.


BNPP danger zone 10/43




BNPP  danger zone 11/43




BNPP danger zone 12/43





BNPP danger zone 13/43





BNPP danger zone 14/43





BNPP danger zone 15/43BNPP danger zone 16/43


The southern part of the map above includes the northern Bulacan barangays of Banca-banca, Pulong Bayabas, and Panlumalok, all within the danger zone.



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